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Hampton Roads Foreclosed Properties increase!

Hampton Roads had been lucky so far with a steady flow of sales the foreclosure crisis was not often thought about in this part of Southern, VA. Now Foreclosures in Hampton Roads are on the rise and now a sizeable portion of our Multiple Listing Service MLS inventory. According to the Pilot Online and RealtyTrac-“The number of foreclosure-related notices in Hampton Roads was 922 in September, up 48 percent from August and nearly 352 percent from year-ago levels, according to RealtyTrac, an online foreclosure-monitoring service based in Irvine, Calif”. So what does this mean for buyers in Hampton Roads? THERE ARE GREAT HOME BUYING DEALS. The saying buy low and sell high applies. For investors and buyers the time is now. Real Estate cycles and this is that time in the cycle when prices are low. Regular homes for sale by sellers and bank repos can are being discounted thousands and can often be negotiated down even further. Combine this with great interest rates and this is a great buyers market. I can help you find these properties and negotiate a great deal. To search for properties for sale in Hampton Roads Cities which include Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, and Newport News visit or contact me today!

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Norfolk VA will welcome Obama Tonight!

The City of Norfolk will welcome the Democratic Nominee Barack Obama tonight at 9:30pm in the Norfolk Tides Stadium in Harbor Park Downtown. It will be cold but the 12,000 seat stadium is expected to be full. Doors open at 7pm for those of you who want to participate. Admission is Free so its a great way to do something different then watching FOX or CNN. If you live near the Ferry there will be an additional Ferry and Hampton Roads Transit is providing extra buses. Now lets just hope they provide extra voting machines on election day to keep us from having to wait for hours.

November 4th Go Vote no matter what your side!

Dee Dee Jones

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Who is the Real Estate Professional?

Who is the Real Estate Professional?

When you start the process of buying a home you get excited and want to discuss your purchase with Mothers, Fathers, Aunts and Co Workers. Everyone will quickly become an expert and exhibit their opinion. But remember to ask yourself Who is the professional? Is it your Aunt who is a teacher, your brother the police officer, your cousin the hair stylist. No, Its me your Agent! I admit I know its easy to find several friends and family members who have dabbled in the real estate business. Ask those who used to be licensed, Why they didn’t stick with it? As a professional real estate agent for 13 years I am no part time, fly by night agent. I know my market, areas, and real estate.

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And If I don’t immediately have the answer I know how to get it. I’m the source of the source for all things Real Estate in Hampton Roads. So remember for all your real estate needs, tips, advice, etc you need to work with me and not your mother, Nurse, or ex boyfriend.

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Just ListedIf someone is going to be contributing money to you to buy, living in the new home with you, or on the deed with you then they should attend all appointments to view homes with you and all meetings with the lender. I educate my buyers and sellers on the market, loans, and the complete real estate transaction to ensure that they have the accurate info to make good sound decisions.

Nothing is more confusing then getting wrong info from a non real estate professional. Are you confused by the home buying process and do not know how to get started? Do you want step by step help from beginning to end? Do you want info on the latest mortgage products or need to be pre qualified? Are you new to the area and need Hampton Roads area information? Do you have a home to sell and need advice on how to buy with or without a home sale contingency? Or are you an investor looking for hot deals?

I offer one on one Home Buying and Selling Consultations for Hampton Roads Buyers over the phone or at my office that take 20 minutes or less of your time, you can email me so we can arrange a time to talk.

I look forward to hearing from you: DJonesSells Home ReinYou can Search the Hampton Roads MLS at

Red Carpet: Buyers: FREE Buying Consultation, FREE Transaction Coordination, FREE Tours of Homes, FREE Access to Home Listings, Close on or before December 31st, 08 and receive a FREE 1yr Warranty. Sellers: Let me get your home SOLD for less. Save up to 1% in commission.

I’m The Hampton Roads Real Estate Lady ready to help you!

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Hampton Roads Green Home Options

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A GREEN HOME OR ENERGY EFFICIENT OPTIONS IN HAMPTON ROADS SUCH AS:  Tankless Water Heaters, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Pool Heaters,  Energy Efficient Heat Pumps, Energy Efficient and Earth friendly Building Materials, Greywater Recycling Systems, Solar Panels, etc….

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ENERGY SAVING OPTIONS?  There are many options to turn your existing home GREEN to save you $$$. The benefits include sales tax exemptions on energy efficient products up to $500,  Virginia 4 day 100%  tax credit exemption up to $2500,  A Home Energy Efficiency Improvement Tax Credit up to $500 for purchase & installation,  EPACT solar water heating credit up to $2000, Energy cost savings on AC, Heat, & Water Bills.  Contact me for more information on Homes for Sale that have these options and for a list of Vendors that sale these products for Do It Yourselfers.  

Check out a few of the vendors that offer great energy products: Rheem Heating, Cooling & Water Heating Systems, Solar Services,Inc for everything SOlar, Mechanical Services Company Green Product Installer, EnviroSaver HVAC systems,

For More info on Products, vendors, or for info on homes for sale with these options in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Suffolk, or Newport News, then Please contact The Hampton Roads Real Estate Lady!



Dont let the media scare you away!

I keep saying this too shall pass! All this anticipation on passing a bill is making me crazy! If you listen to the reports on TV an on line from CNNFox and MSNBC they will have you ready to start storing your money under a mattress. Some of my favorite banks/lenders with loan officers I regularly use have been bought and sold in the past few weeks. Those loan officers have changed their business cards, email addresses, and websites and its business as usual. If you do not talk to them and listen to the news then you will picture that they are hanging out of windows ready to jump but most who I have talked with have never been busier.  Clients that are already skittish(is that a word) about buying are now out right hesitant from listening to the media. There are a few that know you buy low and sell high and are smart enough to know that the time to buy is now. My only concern is all the changing loan requirements and the shaky foundation the banks are sitting on will scare even the savvy buyers away. It looks terrible when you refer a client to a lender and the next week that banks name is scrolling across the screen on every news channel that the bank has failed or is about to be bought. And those that just closed with that bank are left wondering “What in the world happened and how does this effect me know.” This to shall past and we will whether this storm like all the other ups and downs we go thru as agents.  For those of you hanging in there try not to let the news affect your attitude, mindset, and work ethic.  there are a lot of great deals out there for investors and first time buyers especially.


Dee Dee Jones

The Hampton Roads Real Estate Lady

Norfolk gas prices Has Gas Prices gone down in your area?

Gas prices have gone down in Hampton Roads this week?  I have seen 2.82 to 3.21 as the lowest prices in the area.  I almost wrecked my car making a last minute turn into a gas station I was quickly passing.  I was fascinated that my corner station had dropped from 3.31 to 3.19 over night.  As a premium consumer every penny counts.  According to The Hampton Roads Pilot online,  

Gas prices are falling – like a rock.

In Hampton Roads, the average price per gallon of regular gas fell to $3.29 today, according to auto club AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report. That’s down more than 40 cents from post-Hurricane Ike prices last month, which soared above $3.70 per gallon.

The national average also fell to $3.35 a gallon today as oil prices dropped to about $80 per barrel, the lowest price in a year.

The financial crisis is largely responsible, said Mary Novak, managing director of energy services for Global Insight, an economic forecasting firm.

Maybe some small good can come from this depressing period of financial craziness.  Its a shame that 3.19 is looking real good right now.  I am kicking my self for not buying a Hybrid vehicle when I had the chance, My husband has parked his SUV and is now cruisin a motorcycle, I make consolidated trips to run many errands at once instead of going back in forth and all over town for something.  In what ways have you cut back? Have the gas prices in your area gone down?


Dee Dee Jones

The Hampton Roads Real Estate Lady