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My Ten Comandments for 2009

I’m keeping it simple for next year, these are My Ten Comandments for 2009.   

1. Get more exercise: OK This is on my list every year since high school but next year I will add a dance class or trip to my neighborhood gym at least twice a week to coincide with my in home work outs.  I think the combination of getting out to be with other people and exercising will do me much good in 09.09_11_2-fruit-and-vegtables_web1

2. Give Thanks: There are a few people in my sphere that are devout referrers I will say big Thank yous to these sincere people that thoughtfully pass on my name to those looking to buy or sell in Hampton Roads.

3. Watch what I eat and feed my family:  I have always looked out for myself but I do not often police my families eating habits.  I will buy more fruit and replace the junk food in the cabinets with healthy snacks.  And my girls will be forced to eat more veggies this year. Except for the holidays, birthdays, and occasional big Sunday meal My family is going on a meal makeover like it or not.  

4. Social Time: I have a great group of friends that I will vow to hang out with much more.  I am not a social phone talker but I will try to keep in touch with my girlfriends more.

5. Romance: I will make time for my husband and find many fun activities that will bring us together.09_25_53_thumb

6. Business Plan: I will follow my 08 business plan and tweak the areas that were weak and get stronger with the areas that work.

7. Advertising and Marketing:  I will cut what doesn’t work and is a waste of money and focus my efforts on the areas that yield the greatest return for the dollar.

8. Family:  I vow to spend more time with my kids and do a variety of fun activities and be on them like white on rice when it comes to school work and behavior.

9. Blog: I promise to Blog and entertain social networking like a crazy person. You will fine me on all the favorites tweeting, poking, blogging, and posting.

10. Dont forget to Rest and take a breath:  I will take time off, take time to relax, and sleep. 

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Thank Goodness for Real Estate Referrals!

Thank you to all of you who referred me business in 2008!  Even though the market has slowed down and its a serious buyers market, your referrals has help make this a record year for me.  It was not the thousands I wasted on marketing this year but the kindness from those of you who referred me business that kept me busy this year till the end. ist1_340789-christmas-gifts As you know I am very appreciative and will always thank you for your referrals.  THANK YOU, Thank you and yes I still belong to the relocation network and remember I can help you, your friends, or family locate good agents nationwide.  Do not forget about me as your trusted real estate source and I look forward to helping many more in 2009.


Dee Dee Jones The Hampton Roads Real Estate LadyThe Gift of referrals!

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