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Why you shouldnt fall thru an Attic in Chesapeake, VA

Once I was doing a final walkthru and my buyer went in to the attic and came crashing completely down into the 2nd story bathroom. I vowed that day and made a mental note to never wander off the attic platform.

Today, I am bed bound with a sprained ankle and a hurt hip. What happened? I did the ultimate stupid thing. Ok first let me give you background info. Asked hubby 3 maybe even 4 times to put the Christmas decoration boxes back in the attic after I spent a day puttting up the decorations. So finally after another 6 hours went buy I asked my teenage son to do it and he did but he needed help. So I helped and everything was going quick and smooth when. I losted my balance and step one leg into the insulation and boom pop, One whole leg went thru the ceiling. Reflexes kicked in and I used my hip to stop my fall, thus the hurt hip today! So my project for today is to figure out how to fix this mess of a hole. It took all night to clean up the insulation that fell and I am lucky that my insulation does not contain fiberglass. So I googled How to patch a hole in the ceiling and Of course its best to start with the best visual research guide, YOUTUBE.

I found the following video on How to Repair a hole in plasterboard or drywall ceiling part one of 3.

Its pretty informative and good information for all homeowners! Hopefully you will not need this info one day but just in case you too decide to do the ultimate stupid thing here is help!!!!

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