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Tax free weekend is back for Virginia ninth year

Gone are the days of brown paper and jumbo blue pencils.  Public school is sending home growing school supply list.  But there is good news, Save Money this weekend- shop for tax exempt School Supplies,

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For the ninth straight year, Virginia’s most popular sales tax holiday returns the first full weekend in August. This year, it’s Aug. 1-3. Clothing, footwear, school and office supplies will be tax-free during the three-day event.

Most school supplies that cost $20 or less each, as well as clothing items and pairs of shoes priced at $100 or less each will be exempt from Virginia’s 5.3 percent state and local sales tax.

For those of us in Northern Virginia, where the sales tax is 6 percent, we’ll save even more. For example, if you spend $500 on qualifying items during the sales tax holiday, you’ll save $26.50 on exempt purchases elsewhere in the state. In Northern Virginia, you’ll save $30.

The list of tax-exempt items is the same as last year. It includes pens, pencils, loose leaf ruled notebook paper, scissors, binders, backpacks, construction paper, sneakers, hats, shirts, dresses, jeans, bathing suits, diapers, T-shirts and many other items. There is no requirement that the purchases be made for school purposes.

All retailers who sell the exempt items are required to participate.

The tax-exempt items are available to anyone shopping in the state and there is no limit on the number of products you can buy tax-free as long as each one qualifies under the guidelines.

For those of us shopping for school any discount is a blessing do not miss out on this great deal. Go to or to the app and combine this savings with great coupons….. Donate your savings buy buying an extra supply for a child in need.