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How to Get Rid of Ghost

If you have sold a haunted house here is some info to pass on to the homeowners!!!!! I live down the street from a cemetary so I am always ghost sensitive. Now living in Northern Virginia this land is war land and comes with many rumors of sitiings and apparitions all though I have yet to witness this first hand I want to be prepared. I bought my home new and as an agent I know that In Virginia we DO NOT have to disclose stigmatized properties.

Stigmatized property is a term used in the real estate business which describes possible detrimental features of a property or home, all the result of unfortunate occurrences. These can include murder, suicide, and the belief or proof that a house may be haunted by real ghosts. Just in case I will be ready. Here is a remedy for getting rid of Ghost!!!! Hopefully you and I will never need it!



Top Haunted Homes in DMV areas DC, MD, VA

This is a list of the Top Haunted Homes in the DMV  area, that includes Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern VA areas.  I will not be visiting these homes but for those who love scary and a haunted adventure here is the information. Knock your self out visit these places this October and on Halloween.


Dr. Samuel Mudd’s House Waldorf, MD                                 

John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln then immediately fell and broke his leg.  Dr. Samuel A. Mudd was the doctor who took care of this leg for Booth. While Law enforcement was looking for Booth the trail led to Dr. Mudd. Dr. Mudd was later arrested and tried in court for being a co-conspirator in Lincoln’s assassination. According to CBS DC, “Dr. Mudd was jailed for years, and known to have compassionately treated prison victims of yellow fever.  His wife fought vehemently for a pardon which she finally gained from President Andrew Johnson.  Tragically, Dr. Mudd died in his home just a short time after he gained his release having been exposed to the unhealthy conditions of prison life.  Many believe his restless spirit haunts the house and roams the surrounding fields.  Now the house is a museum operated by the Samuel Mudd Society.”  You can visit this home if you are interested it is open March thru November, Wednesday thru Sunday.


The White House, Washington DC                                 

Past Presidents and First Ladies love this place because they keep coming back. When I said past I meant dead. According to Wikepedia, “A very high number of apparitions of deceased presidents have been reported in the White House, the most famous of which is Abraham Lincoln.”  Other sightings include Harry S Truman, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, John Tyler and the spirits of a few First Ladies have been reported.


Kitty Knight’s house in Galena, MD

Do not ask me to visit this house with you: Kitty Knight House in Georgetown MD  is said to be haunted by her spirit. All though it now serves as an awesome wedding venue with a marina, hotel and restaurant. Visitors not afraid to stay the night say they have seen an apparition of a woman dressed in 19th century clothing coming down the stairs.  Most employees have said they have had  an encounter with the ghost of Kitty Knight. is not too far from St. Paul’s Cemetery. Kitty Knight persuaded the British not to burn her house down during the War of 1812.


Woodrow Wilson House Washington, DC 

Post presidency Woodrow Wilson had a residence at 2340 S St NW wear he later died sitting in an upstairs window.  The home was bought as a gift for his wife Edith Wilson.  They moved in on inauguration day in 1921.  According to Wikipedia, “After Wilson’s death in 1924, Edith Wilson lived there until her death on December 28, 1961. She hosted First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy for a brunch in the formal dining room. Edith bequeathed the property and all of its original furnishings to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.” You can visit this home now it is currently used as a museum.  Many employees and visitors have reported seeing the appariton of President Wilson in the home, sitting in the window and sitting in a chair. which brings us to …


The Blair House Washington, DC

Where Woodrow Wilson has also been reported being seen in a rocking chair- he is still really busy.  This building was a guest hose for President’s guest.  According to CBS DC “President Harry Truman complained of seeing ghosts during his stay at Blair House while the White House was undergoing renovations during the 1940s. Built in 1824 as a private home for Surgeon General Joseph Lovell, the house was later acquired in 1836 by newspaper publisher Francis Preston Blair.” Since 1942 it has been used as a guest home for chief’s of state, government officials, and delegates. The home is located across the street from the White House on Pennsylvania Ave.


Almshouse Baltimore, MD



Formerly a foster home style orphanage this place was one of three in the County serving as shelter for poor children. Today voices of children laughing as well as visions of children can be seen and heard.


Olde Town Inn Manassas, VA

I live right down the street from this place and was shocked to hear the details from the guest of this Inn.  Miss Lucy is a ghost that haunts this hotel and reportedly lifts guest in to mid air.  There are 56 guest rooms but it is said that she only watches over 4 rooms 50 -54. These rooms are her favorite and the most special is room 52. She enjoys making loud noises, closing and opening doors and will mess up the bed.  So if you are adventurous ask for room 52.


The Octagon House Washington, DC


This home was built in 1801 by Col. John Tayloe III, and was a prominent spot to DC’s elite.  Tayloe who was well connected was a close friend of George Washington. According to CBS DC, “In recent years, apparitions and unknown entities have been witnessed by the visiting public as well as by curators and employees of the museum that manage the house. The possible reasons: Tayloe’s daughters. Both are said to have died in the home after quarrels with their father over his disapproval of their love interests. Stories claim that both women fell to their deaths down the stairs or over stair railings. The ghost of one daughter is witnessed by some as the light of a candle moving up the stairs, while the other daughter is said to haunt the third floor landing and stairs. It is also believed that the house is haunted by the spirits of slaves who once served there. Ghosts of slaves are said to ring bells formerly used to summon them.” Today you can feel free to visit this home without me admission is free.


For info on Haunted Homes in Virginia from Virginia Beach to Williamsburg go here





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