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Norfolk Real Estate marketing and The power of TV and social media

Ok, I was working and watching ELLEN this am and, P Diddy is explaining to her what Twitter is and how he now has 100,000’s of followers.  He tweets that he is sitting with her to show her an example on how to do it. So then she plays a game with some viewers and mentions that Vizio the tv company is giving away a million dollars worth of Flat screen 55 inch tvs, go to http://vizio.com.  They have a link to share the sweepstakes with your myspace, twitter, and facebook audience.  When I log on to Twitter, it says temporarily over capacity.  I think is this directly related to Ellen’s show.  The power of TV is awesome. 

It is amazing that with Twitter you can reach out to all your followers in seconds. 

The power of new social media is exploding and for those of you who fought against Internet advertising you will be left behind if your not on Twitter, linked in,Myspace, Facebook, create your profile and get cracking.  A good agent in 2009, will be using these tools to market homes, you can share videos and pictures, and contact your sphere of influence with no pressure.  Do not let this FREE technology pass you by.

Dee Dee Jones

The Hampton Roads Real Estate Lady