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Have you Outgrown Your DC Metro Home

Here Are Five Easy Ways to Tell if It’s Time to Upgrade

Your home is your castle, your own little piece of the American dream. But lately, your little corner of the world has been feeling cramped and you find yourself eyeing those larger homes. Is it time to pull up stakes and move on from your starter home?    c785ff37dde2016be8a8a1c33962edab
Growing Family
If you’ve added to your family in recent years, you may have more bodies than bedrooms. A two-bedroom home may have been a great idea when it was just you and your spouse, but with two kids, you’re starting to have turf wars over the play area.

Overflowing With Stuff
From an overflowing toy chest to closets packed so tightly with shoes and coats you risk an avalanche every time you open the door, your home just doesn’t have the space to keep all your things. You may have even had to move some things off-site, spending money to rent storage space to keep that antique dresser your grandmother left you or the set of state spoons you carefully collected during your college years.

No Rest For The Weary
You’d love to spend an afternoon soaking in the tub, but before the warmth of the water can take you away, there’s a banging on the door of the only bathroom in the house and a chorus of “hurry up!” invading your quiet time. And the man cave you dreamed of? Those visions of a big screen television were shattered by the realization you needed somewhere for the kids to sleep.

No Room For Extras
When you first moved in, the two-car garage doubled as your woodworking shop. Now, the equipment has been sent to storage to make room for the family’s second car. You’d love to take up organic gardening, but your tiny yard barely has room for a grill and a lawn chair. You’d love to host your friends visiting from out of state, but there is hardly room for their luggage, much less them.

Changes In Career

You may have opted for a starter home when you first entered the market because you had a smaller income. Now, thanks to changes in careers or promotions at work, you can afford a home with greater square footage and room for your growing family that will provide the space you need for many years of happy memories.
Home prices across the country are starting to rise. Contact your trusted real estate agent today and take advantage of the opportunity to give your family the most space at the best price now.

Chesapeake, Jubilee

The Chesapeake Jubilee is May 14-17 ,

This event will be held at Chesapeake City Park, of South Greenbrier Pkwy near Kempsville, This fun family friendly event is geared to all Ages.  There will be rides, food, giveaways, and more food.

Amusements of America provides us with the largest array of traveling carnival rides and games east of the Mississippi!



Known for its great fireworks show.  This is a must see event.  The fireworks will be Saturday the 16th, at 9pm.  Bring your lawn chair and a blanket and listen to live music all day and the headliners below.   

Announcing the musical lineup for the 2009 Jubilee

The greatest living exponents of Jamaica’s reggae tradition provide a dynamic start to the 2009 Chesapeake Jubilee. It promises to be an unforgettable evening of music as the Wailers perform the legendary “Exodus” album.
Brandishing heavy guitars and an unabashed fetish for British Invasion Pop, The Smithereens carved their niche on album rock radio and earned a reputation as a great concert attraction with sizzling pop songs including: “A Girl Like You,” “Only A Memory,” and “Blood and Roses.”
These talented singer-songwriters bring their amazing “A Place to Land” tour to Chesapeake. Come hear the future of country music as Little Big Town’s highly acclaimed album comes to life with a thrilling live performance on the Bagley Stage at City Park.


If you think you are the grill master on the 15th & 16th there will be a bbq cookout.  Over $10,000 in cash and prizes are up for grabs.

 From funnel cakes to smoothies, the Jubilee has food for everyone’s taste


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Chesapeake Real Estate tax challenge your tax bill?

Did you know you can challenge your tax bill?

In Hampton Roads cities many homes are being appraised for less than there tax value for the first time in years. If you are in an area of declining value and you have proof or believe your tax assessment is to high you can call your city real estate assessor’s office to point out the discrepancy and challenge the assessment.

We all know lower taxes and lower interest rates can give us the lowest possible payment and many are taking advantage of refinancing their homes. In the past year, the median price for homes in South Hampton Roads has dropped 7.4 percent, according to our mls, Real Estate Information Network REIN, the Virginia Beach-based multiple listing service. Sales of existing homes also have fallen to unusually low levels.

For those of you looking to save money, after finding a qualified loan officer to assess whether you can or should refinance your home, do not forget to consider reviewing your tax bill and home owners insurance policy. Reducing these costs can save you hundreds more dollars a month. Or often times error such as wrong room sizes, square footage adjustments, and additions can be updated to make the bill more accurate.

To contact your local assessor in the seven cities click your city link;







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Different kinds of real estate insurance for Norfolk Homebuyers

Someone just emailed me to ask about the differences in real estate insurance.

Let me clarify when buying a home there are many different kinds of insurance.

1. Hazard/Fire Insurance -required to have, protects you for fire and wind, extra coverages can be added as needed or required, flood, earthquake, upgraded coverages,etc…. Paid in your monthly payment on VA, FHA, and most less than 25% down LTV Conv loans.

2. PMI/with MIP- Private Mortgage Insurance– Required on CONV and FHA Loans usually where the buyer puts down less than 20% -its purpose is to help the lender if the buyer defaults on the loan-the premium is charged in to the monthly payment until the home has about 78%-80% equity and then it goes away. MIP-Mortgage insurance premium is the set up fee for the PMI paid with closing cost or financed in to the total loan.  You can talk to lenders about split loans 80/20, 80/10/10, to help avoid paying PMI AND MIP 

3. Mortgage Protection Insurance MPI- Is optional usually can set this policy up after you have closed on the home. This insurance will pay off balance of mortgage in case of deaf. Check with your mortgage provider to see what company they would recommend.

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Congrats to All Americans

Congrats to all Americans and Hampton Roads citizens! We did it, we showed up in rare form. In numbers to vote for change on either side of the isle. I voted in Chesapeake, VA and It took me 50 minutes from the time I parked my car, stood in line, voted and came on out. I was disappointed because I was prepared to give my husband the I told you we should have voted absentee speech. I was glad to see large crowds on the news. We can’t say are vote did not make a difference because this time it definitely will. I hope next year we will be benefiting from some changes. That’s what this is all for. I hope the new policies are implemented, I hope the candidates were not just talk, I hope the Senate and the House hold up there end of the deal so that we can move on to bigger and brighter things as a nation.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

Dee Dee Jones

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