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Home Buyers stop standing on the side lines playing double dutch

Buyers stop standing on the side lines playing double dutch.  If you do not know when to jump in,

Double Dutch

Double Dutch

The Time to buy a home is now.  You keep thinking next month, next week, or next year you can get the best home or best rate, and best deal.  You don’t realize the best time is now before you throw away more money renting. 

Reasons to Jump in the market now:

1. Rates are great.  I know every year you see ads that say rates are the lowest they have been in years.  Well it is true. Rates are the lowest they have been in years.

2. Great deals are out there.  There are many owners that will pay your closing cost, pay discount points, or even give you furniture.  The deals are out there and you need a good agent to help you find them.

3. Loans, even with all the problems banks, brokers, and mortgage companies have had many are putting together great loan packages for buyers.  But you have to jump in by calling a loan officer to get preapproved not just prequalified. Which will give you even greater purchasing power.  And remember they are also competing for business so you may be able to negotiate fees and rates depending on the company you choose.

4.  Inventory, You have choices in this market.  You do not have to settle for anything.  Resale homes by desperate sellers, relocating sellers are the best deals.  Foreclosures, REO properties, and repos are out there but may take special financing.  Short Sales can be great deals if you have the time to wait out the process. A good agent can show you your choices and help you make a good decision.  Your loan type may dictate what properties you can view.

For information on Buying a home in Washington DC, Northern VA, or Maryland contact the DMVRealEstateChick.com or if you need help finding a great competent agent in another city or state contact me.

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