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Hurricane Irene Norfolk VA Low lying area Mandatory Evacuation 8am Sat

Low lying areas in Norfolk its time for mandatory Evacuation! Begins 8am Saturday

According to FEMA, the Red Cross, WTKR, and Christian Science News:

Hurricane Irene, is the first of the 2011 season, it has done damage in the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic already.

People on the East Coast of the US are now readying themselves for their own imminent encounter with the storm.

If you are still on the east coast, what can you do to protect your home and your loved ones?

1. Leave the area and go at least 100 miles west of the tip of the projected storm areas if possible. A storm tracker can be found on WeatherChannel.com, CNN.com and WTKR.com

2. Stock up
Perhaps the most important thing to do is gather items you might need if you become trapped or stranded. Even in the worst case, if your house is compromised or you are unable to leave it, you and your family will be okay so long as you have taken the time to put together the necessities. THIS INCLUDES filling your bathtubs and sinks with water incase water supply is losted.

3. Keep an eye on the weather and watch for changes.
A storm is at its most dangerous when it is unexpected. Do some research on weather news outlets to find the one you deem most valuable. If you’re watching the hurricane, you’ll rid yourself of the helpless feeling that it’s an invisible enemy that can’t be guarded against. And you’ll know when it’s about to hit your area or head in another direction.

4. Guard your windows
If you plan to stay in your house, you must make it as secure as possible. Windows should become barricades – not against burglars, but rain, wind, and maybe even flying objects. If you stay home moved to an interior room preferably with little or no windows.

There are two parts to this procedure. First, limit the number of things that could come crashing into the side of your home. Make sure to “bring in all outdoor furniture, decorations, garbage cans and anything else that is not tied down,”

5.Make a simple but thoughtful plan
A family disaster plan will keep you organized; the last thing you want is for a moment’s panic to ruin all your careful preparation. If you stay home moved to an interior room preferably with little or no windows.

6. After it’s over: be careful
Hazards don’t vanish the second a hurricane moves on. The Federal Emergency Management Agency can give you some pointers for the hours and days after the immediate terror.

One of the priorities will be to clean and repair broken parts of the house.

If you can not afford to leave or if your home is damaged during storm Shelters in Norfolk: Maury, Granby and Norview High, Campostella Elementary and Lake Taylor Middle. In Chesapeake: Oscar Smith High Virginia Beach: Birdneck and Cox Elementary. All high schools in Suffolk.

REMEMBER most shelters will not take pets……

If you need to store your car it can be stored at the Norfolk York Street garage.

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