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Is Hampton Roads the only place with Foreclosures in great condition??

Is It me or are Foreclosures looking cleaner, nicer, more complete, and better these days!!!!

I once went into a foreclosure in Chesapeake, VA that had been stripped of everything including the toilets. The previous owner had even took the gas fireplace inset out of the house. It was a gorgeous home completely scalped. I once saw a Norfolk foreclosure that had paint poured in the toilets and over every corner of the home.

Lately, the last few foreclosures I have shown have been immaculate in all Hamprton Roads cities. From Suffolk to Hampton. New paint, New floors, I just saw one with new everything, new landscaping, and new appliances. Banks are realizing they do not want there inventory to sit. They are trying to attract the best offers.

In my area with an abundance of Military and FHA Buyers the home has to meet minimum property standards for the deal to fly. Every buyer is not willing to do a Rehab loan and banks are just now catching on recognizing this and are finally stepping up to the plate. The prices are still great and now with good condition these homes are an amazingly good deal! I always tell my buyers to remember certain homes can only be sold with certain loans. It is great to see more options for buyers putting less than 5% down.

If you are a buyer contemplating jumping into this market do not hesitate. There are some great deals to be had. Call me and I can help get you started!

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