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Thank Goodness for Real Estate Referrals!

Thank you to all of you who referred me business in 2008!  Even though the market has slowed down and its a serious buyers market, your referrals has help make this a record year for me.  It was not the thousands I wasted on marketing this year but the kindness from those of you who referred me business that kept me busy this year till the end. ist1_340789-christmas-gifts As you know I am very appreciative and will always thank you for your referrals.  THANK YOU, Thank you and yes I still belong to the relocation network and remember I can help you, your friends, or family locate good agents nationwide.  Do not forget about me as your trusted real estate source and I look forward to helping many more in 2009.


Dee Dee Jones The Hampton Roads Real Estate LadyThe Gift of referrals!

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