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What snow in Hampton Roads, Virginia

I am originally from Southern California, I have lived in Louisiana, Illinois, and now Virginia.  Today, was so funny. It finally snowed in Hampton Roads, VA and you would have thought the world was coming to and end.  The News talked as if the mother of all storms had hit.  School District started calling at 5:45am that school would be on a 2 hour delay.  Two of my kids school buses never showed up.  I just knew that I would go out side to see my car buried in 4 inches of snow. I thought I would need to fine my ice scraper and shovel.  To my surprise I was greeted by a very cold wind, a half inch of snow, and a thin layer of ice.  The neighborhood looked slightly powdered in sugar. So that made my 3 kids extra excited. photo_030209_002

My youngest do not remember Illinois having to shovel snow and spinning on black ice which is the worst thing.  But I know by 5pm this snow will be melted and gone for another few years.  There were reports of 39 accidents in Hampton Roads.  But, In the end the North East, Mid West, and even the Carolinas would be laughing at what we call a snow storm down here in the 7 cities.  Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach.   

snow in hampton roads, va

snow in hampton roads, va




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