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Dont let the media scare you away!

I keep saying this too shall pass! All this anticipation on passing a bill is making me crazy! If you listen to the reports on TV an on line from CNNFox and MSNBC they will have you ready to start storing your money under a mattress. Some of my favorite banks/lenders with loan officers I regularly use have been bought and sold in the past few weeks. Those loan officers have changed their business cards, email addresses, and websites and its business as usual. If you do not talk to them and listen to the news then you will picture that they are hanging out of windows ready to jump but most who I have talked with have never been busier.  Clients that are already skittish(is that a word) about buying are now out right hesitant from listening to the media. There are a few that know you buy low and sell high and are smart enough to know that the time to buy is now. My only concern is all the changing loan requirements and the shaky foundation the banks are sitting on will scare even the savvy buyers away. It looks terrible when you refer a client to a lender and the next week that banks name is scrolling across the screen on every news channel that the bank has failed or is about to be bought. And those that just closed with that bank are left wondering “What in the world happened and how does this effect me know.” This to shall past and we will whether this storm like all the other ups and downs we go thru as agents.  For those of you hanging in there try not to let the news affect your attitude, mindset, and work ethic. DJonesSellsHomes.com  there are a lot of great deals out there for investors and first time buyers especially.


Dee Dee Jones

The Hampton Roads Real Estate Lady