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Help your Virginia Community with Grants

Do you like to help your community? Virginia community development



Do you want to work with community development?

Then the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development V(DHCD) has many GRANT PROGRAMS available for builders, entrepreneurs, city managers, and community developers through the next few months.

Affordable and Special Needs Housing

Through the ASNH Program, DHCD fills gaps in financing to make possible the creation and preservation of affordable housing for low income Virginians and low income Virginians with special needs. While these programs are statewide the program gives priority to projects located in areas not receiving a direct federal HOME allocation through a local PJ or HOME Consortium.

DHCD reviews applications for funding quarterly. DHCD application reviews will be based on applications submitted through CAMS prior to the following deadline June 30, 2013

ARC Access Road

The ARC Access Road program is primarily intended to serve industrial and commercial areas by facilitating economic development projects tied to measurable, tangible outcomes. Access Road funds may be used for preliminary engineering, right-of-way and/or the initial construction. ARC funds are generally not available for resurfacing / rehabilitation, upgrading and/or safety improvements on roads.

More information can be found at: http://www.dhcd.virginia.gov/CommunityDevelopmentRevitalization/Appalachian_Regional_Commission_Program.htm.

Deadline June 28, 2013.

Building Entrepreneurial Economies

Performance Grants will provide resources to microbusiness development organizations (MDOs) that deliver services to micro entrepreneurs. The grants are designed to offset some of the expenses related to the high staff contact time required to work effectively with micro entrepreneurs and for providing additional resources for training, technical assistance and micro financing to Virginia’s microbusinesses.

MDOs must register during the annual open enrollment period (June 1-28) to qualify for performance grant funding in the following contract year (July 1-May 31). MDOs may report all outcomes occurring between July 1-May 31 of the contract year.

deadline June 28, 2013

CDBG Planning Grants

Virginia’s CDBG Planning Grant program is designed to aid in developing clearly articulated strategies for addressing community’s greatest community development needs following meaningful citizen participation. A locality interested in obtaining Planning Grant assistance must submit an Interest Letter in accordance with format developed by DHCD.

Visit CDBG Program Design for more information. Deadline Sept 30,2013

Community Development Economic Development Fund

The Community Economic Development fund is designed to support economic development activities, particularly those creating employment opportunities for low- and moderate-income persons, in eligible localities.

Proposals will be received on an open basis from January through September. Assistance is limited to projects involving employment creation by private, for-profit basic industries. Assistance may include off-site improvements such as water lines, sewer lines, roads, and drainage. On-site assistance may be eligible in some projects, but these projects are subject to underwriting and the CDBG assistance will be made available as a loan to the locality. This loan must be repaid.

Visit the CDBG Program page for more information. Deadline Sept 30th, 2013

Community Development Local Innovation

This program provides funds to implement new, innovative, small-scale pilot projects. Examples of types of Innovation Program funding are:
•Individual Development Account programs;
•Loan funds to support Economic Restructuring activities;
•Entrepreneurship Development
•Heritage Tourism projects
•Telecommunications projects
•Sustainable community development efforts.

For more information visit the CDBG Program page. Deadline Sept 30th, 2013

Virginia Enterprise Zone Designation – 2014

There are currently four Enterprise Zone designations available due to the upcoming expiration of the following zones; City of Alexandria, Chesterfield County, Town of Rocky Mount, and Pulaski County. As a result, the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is holding a competitive application process to fill these vacant positions. The new zones will be designated January 1, 2014. The application process is open to all cities and counties; however, the program is targeted towards economically-distressed localities. As of 2005, Towns seeking designation must be included within the boundaries of applying counties.

Please review the attached application instruction manual and read the entire application before beginning. If you have questions on completing the application, please contact the following program administrator:

Lauren Fink
Lauren.Fink@dhcd.virginia.gov Deadline Sept 28th, 2013

Urgent Need Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

CDBG funding is available to eligible localities on an open submission basis to enable prompt response to existing serious and immediate threats to local health and safety. Up to $700,000 of CDBG funding is available per project. Projects are intended to primarily benefit low- and moderate- income persons.

•The proposed project must alleviate existing conditions which pose a serious and immediate threat to the health and welfare of the community;
•The conditions developed or became urgent within 18 months of the date the proposal is submitted;
•The applicant locality is unable to finance the project on its own, no other funding is available to address the problem, and the CDBG funding will be directly targeted towards alleviation of the threatening conditions; and,

The threat must be supported by either:

A current declaration of an emergency by the Governor of Virginia relative to a flood, a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, or other disaster event, not including droughts, snow, or ice conditions.


A current declaration of an immediate and severe health threat by the State Commissioner of Health relative to the complete failure of a public water or sewer system or incident of similar significance.

CDBG assistance will generally only be made available to projects which consist only of activities in support of long-term recovery. CDBG assistance will generally not be made available to projects with public facility failures resulting from neglected maintenance by a locality.

Vist the CDBG Program page for more information. Deadline October 31st, 2013

For more info on all these programs and future opportunities visit http://www.dhcd.virginia.gov/


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